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and also the president of the san francisco lasada lawyers association and i am here to petition that you reconsider your current proposal and provide the san francisco law library adequate space. and i think that it is very obvious given how many people turned out today that it is a tremendous amount of support that the san francisco law library has. i think that it is important to remember that the library is not just about rows and rows of books, it is about a space that foster as a community, a sense of community. and i have experienced that first hand. when i first started, my own practice, i was obviously lost when i was researching in order to figure out what particular issue i was seeking, and i have also seen countless numbers of individuals both attorneys and non-attorneys spend hours at the library sitting and researching you know with sacks of books and i think that space is really important, also given that the san francisco law library also hosts ncles which help all attorneys continue their legal education as well as hosting workshops, for example, on bankruptcy or on landl
to help themselves. every day, litigaters in san francisco are running over to the public library because sometimes has come up that they suddenly need a resource for, a case for, a form for, and it is absolutely essential for the practice of law. thank you. >> thank you very much. >> next speaker please? >> good morning. my name is ad win enseln and i am a attorney and practice with a small boutique tax firm. the library serves a valuable purpose and i don't think that anybody disputes that. for our purpose as a small firm in the city we depend on the library for access to legal volumes. many of these are not available on-line and if the library does not have adequate space to house the collection we lose access to those volumes not only us but the members of the public as well. this will negatively impact our ability to practice law in san francisco, and people in san francisco ability to access the law, space is critical. in addition, to using the law library to access specific volumes, i and other members of my firm often visit to research topics by also studying other volumes in the
, it is the last week of march mark your calendars because there is much to see this week in san francisco. this friday, march 29th comes to the museum for the season opening of friday night's young, each evening takes a unique scene tied in with the special exist and permanent collections, this week after hours art event changed every weeks and includes a mix of dance performance and lecture and more, walk in and experience all of the public programs for free. and after art night, come dance yourself into shape with a free outdoors zunba class, get a great work out at the sunset rec center and enjoy the great outdoors, the class begins at 11 and rsvp is required. also this sunday is a 72nd annual spring celebration and easter parade. this is not your average street far. this is fabulous with everything from roller blading, and slopes, come and join in on the fun from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and that is the weekly buzz. for more information, on anything of these events, visit us at and while you >> on december 28, 1912. san francisco mayor, sonny jim rolph stared into the crowds of t
an attorney for the san francisco public guardian and public administrator. there are five of us in our office and we are embedded in the office of the public guardian and public administrator which is under the department of aging and adult services. we represent the public guardian and public administrator in all court proceedings. and we don't have the funds in that agency, which is an agency that helps poor and homeless people and people who need help, we don't have the funds there to have a law library or to have practice books that we need to do our work. the law library and its connection of books, practice, books, and all of the collections help us to represent the public guardian and public administrator in taking care of the citizens of san francisco. i also feel that the public library enables people who can't afford access to the law, to be able to access the law. and they are not able to access it on an electronic method because we have to learn how to research law, electronically. and people can walk into that library and see a book and use a book which is the way that people kno
with the elected leaders in san francisco we've continued to create some innovative protection and prevention. i want to tell me this is called the garden cascade otherwise known as the garden can say candy. almost a million folks are living with hiv. and you continue to go down less and less phone calls are engaged in care and those are the folks that at that point hiv transition reduces dramatically. what's pretty incredible is that we've tested will 8 hundred and 62 folks and found them positive for hiv and 50 percent of those have reached an undetectable environmental load because they've had the comprehensive services our community is providing. we're leader and we must continue to lead. what we know is we've been in deep dialog. we've been our mother to as worked because we've targeted hiv testing programs that reach the people that are the hardest to reach. they target the most eventually visually communities. our models work because we're in partnerships and many other embedded in organization that provide wrap around care and prevention programs. if you see this this see inclusive of le
departments like san francisco arts, we're creating access for people, creating efficiency with the government being able to manage transactions, creating a platform for people to actually interact with the city on a level that hasn't been done before. so, ideally, using the san francisco rec and park, the future san francisco arts app, using our mobile commerce to manage that is creating jobs, revenue, and efficiency for the public and tourists to be able to navigate san francisco in a way that hasn't been done before. thank you. >> all right. (applause) >> so, we're going to show another application from motion launch, the founder and ceo, john, will be sharing some of the work that they're doing. they're based here out of san francisco and they've got a great announcement to make. >> i am jon mills. i'm ceo of motion loft. we started about three years ago developing sensors that we could place around cities that would give us some analytics on how people move around cities and how vehicles drive around cities. so, currently we have 16 neighborhoods -- 18 neighborhoods covered in san francis
were paying more on your electric bill, you as a san francisco resident wouldn't have that money to spend in other ways here in san francisco and it would therefore decrease jobs in other sectors. but the report explicitly acknowledged that it did not look at the local investment, local build portion of the clean power sf program. so that's how it's distinguished. >> also in terms of the renewable as well >> correct, the contract is on renewable and the local investment component is not located in that chief economist report. >> california certified renewable, yes. >> thank you, we are getting into the territory about why -- we discussed this in the last meeting that there is misinformation put out about the loss of jobs and energy created. that's confused a lot of people in san francisco. although the survey we'll see that was measured perhaps it wasn't a great number of people in san francisco. that information has been out there and it needs to be rebutted by communication staff within offices and puc. commissioner campos? >> i look forward to the information. i think the num
of san francisco faith community and greater community as well, but i just want to congratulate you on your work. >> thank you. [ applause ] . >> thank you. thank you very much. pastor roads, ladies and gentlemen, this is an amazing man with a very very special calling. he has a special anointing that is rare. i have had the pleasure of worshipping with pastor roads and his family and the greater church community and proud to say that pastor shuler roads was the past or of my grandmother and officiated her home going service and also connected through my aunt. it's actually a pleasure to be here to honor you and to recognize your service and i'm so excited for you. it's just amazing what you and your family are going to be able to do on a much larger scale. so when you leave us, i just want to you know that you are leaving a community that you have touched for many years and that you have planted seeds of hope and faith within us and you will continue to see us bearing this fruit. i wanted to an applaud you and congratulate you. >> thank you all so much. as you know i'm sure that wi
the evidence in the earlier 1980s when the aids first hit san francisco and our country san francisco had to go it alone. the federal government was not a help and, in fact, as we recall the president, president reagan didn't utter the words until late 1980s and we in san francisco built a system of care so that we could take care of our own or the many people who suffered and suffered for many years with the disease the federal government started to support our efforts and the state that was incredibly helpful and we've seen over the years when we had a partner in providing care to people and phil protection strategies and we continued to be a leader and the rest of the world looks to san francisco for the models we've developed but but unfortunately, the craziness has gotten worse and worse and more short sighted over time we have seen significant reductions in support and particularly from the federal government in terms of ryan white and as well as cvc prevention care. new injections in san francisco continue to fall. we are winning the war on aids in san francisco but those cuts from the f
. >> thank you, good afternoon. my name is ivy slagel. a san francisco resident since 1996. i represent residents. in my work with premium peace i work with folks across the country who are eagerly waiting for -- people want affordable clean energy and want their jobs and recovered. two stories i want to share with you. when voters approved, within 6 months they had a contract of 100 percent savings cost of $133 to $150 a year including natural gas. that was a savings to consumers within 6 months and the bid effectively dumped energy in the largest in the country in favor of a plan that worked and worked fast and then in november, chicago, wonderful city, just passed their own initiative and those consumers there just in february are already saving money. the plan is already months ahead of schedule. that is just in november of february 12, 2013. those customers are already investing in this renewable energy and already seeing the savings in their monthly bill. i just wanted to represent all of those people and really everywhere i go i see people look to san francisco as the model as wh
. their anniversary and in the 10 years it's once again returned to its grandeur of the city of san francisco. i wanted to take the opportunity to just walk us back a little bit through what we have done. as you know the ferry building was originally conceived now, well over a hundred years ago, it replaced a building that was for all intents and purposes was more like a barn structure, back in the early 1890s they determined it need repairs. the methodology for the piles themselves and the tower which is 245 feet tall and it was tallest at it's time. the building finally opened in 1903 and in 1906 we had the earthquake and everything survived except the clock stopped. if you look back in the records through 1907 there was a robust debate as to whether or not to fix the clock and we d unfortunately in the 1960s the embarcadero freeway was built. it lost a lot of it's vibrancy and stature to the city. it eventually came down and the public at that time determined that the rehabilitation and renovation of the ferry building was the port commission's highest priority and at that point in time the
,000 in funds for 5 different projects, 3 for d p w, san francisco state and cal trans. we pass that had unanimously with minimal discussion and the last one we had was 2013 prop case strategic plan and 5 year prioritization plan and pass that had with a minimum amount of discussion, although the 5 programs funded under 5 k lrt, cal train exception the driver replacement only the glert is not. we are disappointed to hear that. the majority of our discussion was not on your agenda was an update of pedestrian strategy of mpa director for sustainable streets gave a presentation. we are a little disappointed that as a committee that some safety measures like a lot of schools can't be implemented in the near term because of sequel requirements. we wonder if that isn't counterproductive. that's an item on everyone's agenda now i'm sure. that's all we have. >> thank you. colleagues, any questions? thank you so much. this was an informational item. so thank you. let's open this up for public comment. anyone from the public who would like to speak on this item? seeing none, public comment is cl
more surprised than i wanted to be about how far behind san francisco government was. this was very 2008, 2009. with you i'm really proud of the leaps and bounds we have taken as a city * . i was proud in 2010 to help move forward legislation to really bring together city departments to work in a coordinated way with our committee on information technology. to help create a chief information officer position for the city. i was also proud to work with then mayor newsome in passing the first generation of open data legislation that we have. but as our civil grand jury in june pointed out, our i-t in san francisco is still in need of a culture shock. and this is where all of us come in today. we have 200 data sets that have already been put out there, but by and large the data sets put out by city government are data sets that i think show us in a very positive way. from my perspective, it's important for us to keep on pushing data sets that allow us to deal with the sometimes imperfections in city government. to figure it out, where it is we need to take risks, we are we can be more
awards here at san francisco city hall. thank you all so much for joining us here tonight. it is an honor to be here. my name is daniel homsby and i am the program manager for the neighborhood department networks. an honor to see you here. many of the same faces for the fifth year for the men awards. let's give you an a plays for coming back. (applause) >> and celebrating one of the most important things we have in san francisco, which is our neighborhoods. without further ado, i'd like to start the program off by introducing my colleague, christina palone, the new director for the mayor's office for neighborhoods. christina palone. (applause) >> good evening, everyone. i'm happy to be a part of such a great ebit that celebrates the contributions made by residents and organizations throughout the city to make san francisco one of the greatest places to live. the mayor's office of neighborhood services also known as mons focuses on neighborhood outreach and engagement. it is an honor to be here with community leaders who are dedicated to the same principles and are positive
in san francisco and help kids k-12 and small donations and work with infrastructure working with the kids. did a lot of coaching and not so much baseball but soccer but we are fully vested in our kids having access to athletics. having the process open and fair to them and we run across something in youth baseball we're not happy with. a coach who have been for years coaching two teams in youth baseball has been removed from coaching with really no public input. you can what did he do? did he pick up a trash can and throw it at a umpire? no. did he push kids? no. he was talking about an after season tiewrnment and emails and the commissioners vote that's it. it's final. this gentleman cant coach. we have 60 parents fit to be tied. he coaches 30 of these kids. he came from the wrong side of the trucks. these kids respect him and he is very, very just -- i mean the kids are just crest fallen and i am asking this commission to shoin a little daylight on what is it with rec and parks youth baseball? we got an email to show you. his decision is final. there is no one
the work and we want control of that energy here in san francisco and in california as a whole. not out of state contracts to purchase electricity. the other two items we heard today again, there is no plan for a local build out. commissioner mentioned it, rate board members mentioned that. he said it just right because it's our concern as well, if this plan doesn't work and we are stuck with a contract with shell, that's work that my members do that no one else gets the do. that's our issue. and finally, again, using -- moving money around, creating, using a reserve fund as collateral which is what i heard to permit bondings capacity, it's not such a good idea from utility perspective but that funding amount doesn't occur until the end of the shell contract. that is our fundamental objective. you fore stall all the work all the good that can happen by signing the deal with shell. that's the issue. that's what people are saying, that's what we are saying, it's not miss formation and not pvenlt p g and e's information. we all have the same message, plan and execute a local build out and
told me they're named for san francisco's early famous ladies. (chuckling). >> i want to point out the building here at 660 mission street, which i believe is an unreinforced masonry building retrofitted, seismically upgraded. once it is seismically upgraded, it is safe, right? >> when you seismically upgrade it, it is to a standard it doesn't collapse, but it may not be reusable or repairable. >> it was an economic decision of how much money the city could afford versus the benefits to retrofit the buildings. >> we have done about 90% of the upgrade. the standard is low enough that in a major upgrade most will have to be replaced and we lose these beautiful buildings. many of the details are not what they appear to be. these are sheet metal details and trims. sheet metal cornices. san francisco was famous for the sheet metal work. when you go into the sheet metal shop, the whole front of the building is made of sheet metal. that is pacific? no, powell. >> i trick on how you can date old brick buildings, after the '06 earthquake they made windows with steel plates. before that ea
the cuts will help especially an african-american community i know that working with the ceo san francisco program lawful african-american people can come in there and get the stuff they need. in 1990 i got diagnosed with full blown aids. by having the services available to me i am living longer. i want those people who are coming behind me to have a good life. i've utilized all those services. i've been in san francisco i've i'm an advocate for african-american males. this service has allowed me a quality of life it would be a disserve to those who are coming behind me. i'm 62 i've gotten to imagine a grass fully and also i feel that looking at tv and stuff there's not a lot of attorneys about hiv awareness and stuff but your african-american young men have flicked with this disease because they're not be sure that hiv isday. when i was first diagnosed my environmental load was at a - i'm now at 850 and my environmental load is at 71. so thank you. >> thank you very much next speaker. >> good afternoon i'm here on behalf of we feelness center. for years we have been a anchor in the comm
to san francisco. as a result of the meeting we didn't expect to have with somebody who happened to know somebody else. it was just staggering. we had a sales call with is aing a force carrier, their general manager from brazil. a lot of the cargo sourced here is coming from shanghai. it we did travel to beijing and do we need to build or not? you got my vote that we do need to build it because we were able to travel to beijing, it was smoother than bart and on time and were there in 2-and-a-half hours. it's a great infrastructure and we should emulate and copy. while in beijing, we had a number of good meetings, the first was with china osha shipping company. we didn't meet with staff, we met with the chairman way who is a very impressive fellow and he did explain to us, we told him about our bulk operation, he said that costco has the largest bulk fleet in the world and he negotiated to have this done in the port project. lastly one of the highlights of the trip professionally it was a highlight for me too was commission adams through his connections, his friendship, really set up a
. the name has not been released. >> new details on a shooting earlier in san francisco. they are searching for a person that shot and killed a college student. it happened near bryant and 24th street. jacob vavidiezo was home visiting family members. lilian kim has the latest. >> reporter: he is living the parents' worst nightmare. his son was shot and killed. he heard the gunshots and found his son lying on the ground. >> it hurts, it hurts. mom and dad it hurts. >> juab object was walking home with a friend after a night who out. a man got out of a car and asked him if he was in a gang and shot him several times. >> he only went for one person only. he shot him and shot him and took off. >> friends and family are shocked. they say he wasn't part of any gang and has no idea why anyone would shoot him. >> he wasn't in gangs or anything. >> he was sophomore studying index in portland where he was wide receive on the football team. he played sports and graduated with honors. the teacher of the school to pay his respects. he brought a basketball in jacob's memory. in dish to be a great athlet
think. based on san francisco budget. so, $7.1 billion and that is a lot of no money and i think that we can support the library and it is the only library in san francisco. and the land lords they get in the way because most law firms don't take cases that are $5,000 work, $10,000, $20,000 worth. and so where do you go? you go to rent control board and they say no, the clinic is exempt and so they have no jurisdiction and so we need a jury trial to deal with this situation and to do that, you need, there is legal resources and that is why i am here to support san francisco law library, thank you. >> good morning, my name is albert koon and i have used the library 42 years continuously as a sole practitioner and i use it every week at least once and sometimes twice. occasionally three times. the size of light braer as it is right now is too small. and we are using all of the books that are there, and anybody who does his own research like i do, both the state and the federal courts, it is necessary to have that minimum 30,000 square feet. and i urge you to maintain that level and
, researchers and community organizations is convening to look at san francisco health improvement and partnerships to san francisco but also strongly support by our many communities based organizations. i'm proud to be supporting and participating in aligning assets to community health and health equity the san francisco strategies and convening. i would like to say a lot of the activist and researchers are not only celebrating the victory of public access, but empowerment so we can challenge child obesity and increase healthy city. i would like to adjourn this meeting in memory of -- mr. curt. he was a beloved husband of minnie lou who is a resident. mr. curt was remembered for his intellect, humor and keen sense of ace esthetics. he was born october 17, 1948 in san mateo. the youngest child of herbert curts. he had an undergraduate degree and degrees from washington state university and he also studied accounting at golden gate university. he also served in law school. marks colleagues remember him as a scholarly person who served with great dignity. after leaving the city, mr
, his friends so impacted, so traumatized. when is this going to stop? >> san francisco police have not released a description of the man who fired the shot nor of the driver of the car he get into and sped away in. two neighbors we spoke to say they saw the man get into a four-door gray sedan. we're hive in san francisco. abc7 news. >> ama: we have breaking news now from antioch. police are responding to a shooting. they're releasing few details but we do know the victim was flown to children's hospital in oakland. the shooting happened lest an than hour ago. we have a crew there and will bring in the latest at 6:00. >>> another shooting in san francisco, an investigation is underway of a wounded man ran to a restaurant in girl t ghirardelli square for help. the man say he is in his 20 asks and from the east bay. he was taken to the hospital and be treated for a leg wound elm national park service says it received calls at 9:00 from people hearing gunfire. >> we have had a mix of sun and clouds this saturday, and a few sprinkles, and more rain is coming easter sunday. you can see c
>> san francisco is home to some of the most innovative companies of the 21st century. this pioneering and forward looking spirit is alive in san francisco government as well. the new headquarters of the san francisco public utilities commission at a5 25 golden gate avenue is more than just a 13-story building and office ablation. instead, city leaders, departments and project managers join forces with local architectural firms ked to build one of the greatest office buildings in america. that's more than a building. that's a living system. ♪ ♪ when san francisco first bought this land in 1999, it was home to a state office building. >> this was an old eight-story brown building the state owned and the workers' comp people were in that building. it was an old dee correctvth it building for decades. when i was a member of the board of supervisors, all of us wondered why we hadn't done anything there and the mayor thought the same. >> if an earthquake happened, the building was uninhabitable. it sat there vacant for quite a while. the city decided to buy the building
this easter sunday gathering at san francisco's highest peak for a sunrise service. we're live on mount davidson with more. >> reporter: good morning, carolyn. that sunrise service here ended just about an hour ago. now we have mount davidson to ourselves. the ceremony was majestic. we're at the canopy of trees and it was at the base of this cross, san francisco's highest peak. it began with bagpipers. take a listen. ♪ hundreds of people, families, friends, religious and spiritual made the pilgrimage through the woods and rugged terrain to begin their southeast sunday in prayer and celebration. they started coming about 5:00 this morning. the morning's sunrise service was the 91st anniversary of the early morning tradition. for many, it's an annual journey to mount davidson. the area residents and a family from san diego came here to take in the splendor. >> a wonderful time of worship with everyone coming together with other churches to celebrate jesus christ risen, it's amazing. i'm grateful to be here. >> coming here is going to be a great experience because we're close to nature,
last year's budget. because san francisco is in a bit of a budget crunch, staff is recommended that while we reserve our rights to the money according to state code that we return the money back to the general fund of the san francisco city and county and reserve the right to return the money itself. so we have the right to it in the future. if you have any questions, i'm happy to answer? >> that goes back to the clerk of the board is that correct? >> yes. it goes back to where the money comes from okay. comments or questions? >> i know the budget is going to come back for us again, it would be helpful to have more of a detailed break down in terms of where this is going. i know for example you have a proposals sflafco budget explanation and it talks about what these categories are but it doesn't specify the amount per category, so i just wanted a lot more detail around the budget to have a clear understanding of what we are spending for things. >> i will be happy to follow-up with you on that. >> thank you. >> okay. thank you very much. we can open for public comment. any memb
on spring break is shot and killed in san francisco. >>> lawmakers may soon have a deal for a new sweeping immigration policy. what it means for workers in the u.s. and those trying to get into the country. >>> good evening, everyone. i'm heather holmes. >> i'm ken wayne. >>> we begin tonight with developing news in the east bay. we're getting word that a shot was shot in antioch this afternoon. our crew on the scene says it appears the child was shot in the stomach at a home on william reed drive. the youngster was flown to oakland children's hospital where we got these pictures less than an hour ago. the exact circumstances of the shooting are not clear. we will update you with more information as soon as it comes in. >>> now to san francisco where police are searching for the gunman who shot and killed a college student visiting family during his spring break. jade hernandez spoke with a friend of the victim and joins us live in the city. jade? >> reporter: heather, this family is grief stricken tonight. they gathered down the block. san francisco police have not released the victim's n
. there must be a list of every park in san francisco. i would find it in wikipedia. we stumbled into the sf data website and started looking. it was unbelievable, actually. so, some of the data sets we really needed were already there in very, very good format. and random things that i would never think of like movie set locations in the city of san francisco or every piece of civic art that was there, just really interesting things all with, you know, latitude-longitude, tags and information about them. it was really interesting. and then in my first meeting, in our first meeting with the innovation group, the city i heard of 10 other things that i clearly should have been using and didn't even know existed, literally within the first 15 minutes of the meeting. ss things like street safety, sidewalk safety scores and quality scores so we could wrap people around places. * route people around places. really unbelievable. we availed ourselves of resources going forward. we had the same -- like any data set, you find great things about it. then there's missing values or is thisxtion that got
the san francisco arts commission. >> her statement frightens me. i'm an arts person. this is san francisco, we're in a unique situation in that we really do -- our whole city lich on creativity. and we like to encourage it and also manage it at the same time. the street smarts program that i manage which is funded by dpw is a public/private partnership. all public mural art or any sort of public art has to be funneled through our commission and we have to give permission to do that. but when you're dealing with a private property owner it's slightly different because they basically have -- they have ownership of their property and ownership of what goes on that property. but at the same time, if they do put something up like a sunflower or what have you and the neighborhood is against it, how do you manage that? because technically it's their right to put that up. so, in our program, because we did have an incident where there was a complaint from a neighbor, we have encouraged the property boehner to take the rendering from the artist and share it with their neighborhood associa
san francisco. so, i think every city is different. san francisco would be drastically affected if we adopted something that stringent. >> i just wanted to speak to -- a little bit to [speaker not understood] speaking about the vancouver program. and i do have some experience with that. ways also a coordinator of murals. and one of the benefits of having a process, whether that's a permit, whether there's a fee attached to that, whether there's a committee or if it simply goes through a process where different departments of the city can have input. for example, in vancouver and really the vancouver graffiti management mural program is almost identical to what tyra is talking about doing here. it's similar to public art murals, but similar in scope. when we were doing our murals, almost 200 of them, there was no permit in place, but there was a selection process. and, so, if that was the heritage property, that had to go to heritage. and they had to decide whether or not that building had been painted and if a mural would go there. if so, did it work with the heritage esthetics, et c
of the this study. that would only be a san francisco study. as we note before any possibility of doing that would involve much more of the brt link, a whole issue of transportation issues. >> since the goal of transforming this whole area which involves not only -- which we don't know what's going to happen to point and the executive part that is being developed. we should look at every option and hopefully we can put self interest aside and look at the whole interest as a whole. but look at that project as a separate study. >> thank you. commissioner breed had a question? >> okay. thank you so much. >> if you don't mind a final note. i want to thank chester from our transportation authority team. this effort has been really exciting on the part of the two, multiple staff have worked on it and even ten years prior with jose louis himself looking at the additional bicounty with san mateo. we do think the lasting value of the methodology and hopefully this project will come to fruition. it links all three cities. on the west side we see other applications with the san francisco state and sharing w
police are investigating a shooting that left a man injured near san francisco's fort mason. soarings say they got a report of shots fired around 9:00 last night. minute later a man with leg wounds walked into the pub at ghiradelli square asking for help. he expected to be okay. police say there is no suspect in custody. >>> there are new developments tonight in a fatal shooting at bay fair bart station that happened earlier this year. man suspected of killing a bystander has now been arrested. bart police say 18-year-old jabrie bennett was arrested in oakland yesterday. police called him their main suspect in the death of 50-year- old kenneth seets. investigators say seets was shot while two gangs engaged in a gunbattle at the bare fair station in san leandro on january 19th. two other suspects were arrested about a week after that shooting. >>> an off-duty firefighter is being credited with rescuing a wheelchair-bound woman from an east bay house fire. it happened about 4:30 this afternoon in pleasant hill. fire official say the flames starts in the garage and moved into the home throug
to 2.6 million people in the san francisco bay area from the hetch hetchy regional water system. with also generate clean renewable energy for city services like public buses, hospitals, schools, and much more. and finally, we collect and treat all the city's wastewater and stormwater making it safe enough to discharge into the san francisco bay and pacific ocean. >> in 2006 the puc was planning a record number of projects. >> the public utilities commission is a very infrastructure-rich organization. we're out there rebuilding the water system. we've budget working on power generation in the country. we've been doing sewer for the city. we're looking at a brand-new rebuild of all watt systems in san francisco and we haven't had a home that's been other than mental. >> they staff over 900 people. the puc is in two office locations. >> you know, this is such a great place for a building. if the puc owned that building and we could make that the icon i can sustainable building puc represents, wouldn't be a dramatic idea? >> so, one of the major decisions we made was we wanted to m
millions of dollars and funded local projects in san francisco and mclaren park and recently a grant for the visitation green valley development project and for buena vista park and we urged congress to provide funding so that was our main legislative initiatives. two others very quickly the national recreation park association is looking for a sponsor of a park infrastructure and finance act. the act is modeled after the transportation infrastructure finance and innovation act in place since 1998 and create a program for competitive loans and credit for the construction or cost of projects. this is a great way to leverage existing public funding or private funding to fill the gap. for example we have a funding gap for the sustainable nursery project in the botanical garden in golden gate golden gate park and this would be a mechanism to close that for that project, and finally we are advocating for the reconstruction and support of the community parks revitalization act and sponsored by kay hagan to carry out a revitalization program for the rehabilitation of critically needed pa
morning everyone, and welcome to the san francisco board of supervisors budget and subcommittee, for march 27th, i'm farrell and joined by avalos and we will be joined by eric mar in a few moments. i would like to thank stgtv for covering this meeting and also the clerk, mr. young. >> do we have any announcements? >> please, silence any cell phones and electronic devices and complete the speaker cards to be as part of the file should be submitted to the clerk. items acted upon today will be on the board of supervisor's agenda, unless otherwise stated. >> i know that we have a number of people for item four and we will call a few items and have a chance for public comment could you call one and two together. >> authorizing the issuance and delivery of the multifamily housing revenue bond in an aggregate principal amount not-to-exceed, $23,900,000 for the purpose of providing financing for the acquisition and construction... and item two, resolution approving and authoritying the mayor's office of housing, as auk ses forhousing agency to the redevelopment agency to amend an existing term gro
, but that has not been confirmed. >>> in san francisco, a 19-year-old college student is dead after being shot in the mission district. it happened around 3:00 this morning near 24th and bryant streets, not far from sf general. kimberly tere is there now with more. >> reporter: diane, that young man was shot in front of his home while on his spring break. his family tells us that his father heard the gunshots and came downstairs and found him lying on the stairs. the 19-year-old was taken to the hospital where he later died. police say he and a friend were walking home about 3:00 this morning when a car drove up, a hispanic man got out and asked him if he was in a gang and shot him. police and his family say he has no gang ties, his cousins told us he's a good guy who is loved by everyone and is very dedicated to sports. he graduated from archbishop riordan and was on spring break from lewis and clark college in portland. the family said he was supposed to head back to school on monday. so far police have not made any arrests. live in san francisco, kimberly tere, nbc bay area news. >> thank y
in favor? aye. >> item 11 b request authorization to enter into four year contract for san francisco for the ports youth program for the total amount of $1.67 million. >> while we are waiting, i just want to thank daleey for coming back with this report and i appreciate the work he did and answering the questions and i think he'll be able to come back and answer our questions and the changes that keep coming in. that's reality. >> good afternoon, commissioners. i name is andre acevedo. i'm going to be talking about the proposed contract with the san francisco conservation corpse for youth employment. i would like to start with a little bit of background of the youth and effort at the port. starting in 2005, the board of supervisors, the port entered into a variety of youth employment projects. they included paid internship which primarily served college and graduate students and partnered with our tenants and non-profit to entry level craft related job skill training, something we have been working with the shipyard with, sponsoring apprenticeship, that's an on going project, we have
, the contrast between palo alto and here is pretty dramatic. look at the view off to san francisco now. let's show you the radar. the south bay and the rain on the santa cruz mountains is spilling into the valley. over towards sunnyvale. now sfo as that shot showed us, the rain is coming up from the south and ongoing showers in the north bay. what we have now is increasing moisture, increasing lift to the atmosphere as this area of low pressure which has been sitting off shore. by the time we head into easter sunday morning i think it's going to be sitting on top of the bay area. now the rain has arrived. rain off and on at times. not nonstop rain but you may hear a rumble or two of thunder especially in the north bay tonight. plan on keeping the umbrella on stand by for easter sunday. we'll let you know how long the rain drops will be part of the sunday forecast coming up and the full weekend forecast in a minute. diane? >> thank you, rob. >>> experts say it's only a matter of time before california is hit by a major earthquake, tsunami or both. that's why emergency preparedness workers ga
you. >> greetings commissioners. i am a native of san francisco and proud resident of beacon street for the past 42 years, and this issue a tronnishing enough has come back to haunt us. it has actually been resolved some years ago and now since we're revisiting it i stand here opposed to the vision of mr. ginsburg which is to develop this so called trail and his vision continues to say that it would connect -- interconnection with billy goat hill in this case and walter ross park. i am opposed to the development of such a concept and the development of the so-called trail. the so-called trail is a probably no wider than this, a foot and a half to 2 feet, and in our estimation it's been created in a fashion by someone at night that arbitrarily chosen this and by the way on a very steep incline. it's a relatively short area of country hill side and it does continue from the bottom at beacon street and all the way up to the park and it's makeshift. it's primitive. i wouldn't like to leave the impression it's a modified trail because frankly we don't see its usage. those of us
but the view >> hi, i'm with building san francisco. and we have a special program of stay safe today where we're going to talk about what you can do to your home after an earthquake to make it waterproof and to be more comfortable. we're here at spur in san francisco, this wonderful exhibit of safe enough to stay. and this is an example of what your home might be like after an earthquake. and we have today with us ben latimer from tvan. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> we'll talk about things you can do you don't have to be a professional contractor to make your home more livable after an earthquake. >> i want to talk about things a homeowner can do. we have comfort and we have things like a little bit of maybe safety if your front door is ajar and waterproofing if you have a leak in your roof, or if you have broken glass on the window. >> so unr, one of the most important fib use is keeping outside out and inside in. let's look at windows. >> let's assume this window is broken in the earthquake. we have wind and rain blowing in. one of the most important things you need to do as a
in portland. he was also a graduate of high school in san francisco where he played sports and graduated with honors. a former teacher can came to the site of the shooting to pay his respects. he brought a basketball in his memory. in addition to being a star athlete jacob was a good person. >> he and his best friends were the ones that would stick up for the kids that were picked on. he was great little guy. >> at this point there is no description of the gunman or the person that drove the car but they describe it as a gray four-door sedan. lilian kim, "abc 7 news". >> carolyn: a 7-year-old boy visiting an antioch home with his family is recovering after being shot. it happened yesterday on william reid drive. reporter nick smith has the details. >> stable condition, non life-threatening injuries. >> i spoke with a lieutenant of the antioch police department by phone. his department is investigating the shooting of a 7-year-old boy. >> at this point it appears this is not random. >> the 7-year-old and his family were visitors to this home. >> several shots were fired and unfortunately
ways have actually gotten worse. as the city of san francisco has greatly improved the graffiti situation, i've noticed that there's more graffiti on concrete, on sidewalks, on curbs and also on trees, tree trunks. and tree trunks, graffiti on trees to me is the lowest form of graffiti that there is because it just -- it is so lacking in any consciousness about the environment and life and so forth. so, i'm wondering when i was in a graffiti advisory board, several of us tried to get some special attention paid to those things as well as glass etching. i don't know if glass etching has gotten worse or not, but particularly graffiti on concrete sidewalks and curbses and trees. i'm wondering if perhaps officer parerra [speaker not understood] can speak to that if any special efforts are made to address those. >> i'll speak to it. when we invoked the blight ordinance, we recently had it changed. we have now put that -- we were doing it as a department. we were doing the abatement for the sidewalks. sidewalks are actually private property. so, we have now changed that and put the pr
. a teen home for spring break is shot to death in san francisco's mission district. his family is completely shaken tonight. kron 4's alecia reid has the latest on the victim that was just a few steps from his door when he was tragically gunned down. >> tragedy.especially happening in front of his gate. he had so much potential to excel. family members tell us 19 year old jacob val-di-viezo was a top scholar and athlete at raritan high before moving on to lewis and clark in oregon as an honor student on a football scholarship. in town for the week, he was walking home with a friend just after 3-am saturday morning when police say a gray sedan pulled up --- a hispanic man in his 30's hopped out, asked jacob if he was in a gang, but before giving him a chance to speak --- shot him. witnesses say the family rushed downstairs, only to find jacob lying on these stairs. his father held him until he was rushed to the hospital where he died. one after the other, people poured in to express their condolencesas they question how this could've happened to a guy with such a bright future.
directions or check on traffic conditions. all digital maps. >> gis is used in the city of san francisco to better support what departments do. >> you imagine all the various elements of a city including parcels and the critical infrastructure where the storm drains are. the city access like the traffic lights and fire hydrants. anything you is represent in a geo graphic space with be stored for retrieval and analysis. >> the department of public works they maintain what goes on in the right-of-way, looking to dig up the streets to put in a pipe. with the permit. with mapping you click on the map, click on the street and up will come up the nchgz that will help them make a decision. currently available is sf parcel the assessor's application. you can go to the assessor's website and bring up a map of san francisco you can search by address and get information about any place in san francisco. you can search by address and find incidents of crime in san francisco in the last 90 days. we have [inaudible] which allows you to click on a map and get nchldz like your supervisor or who your s
that i think are kind of -- symbolic buildings or structures here in san francisco, so we are definitely taking a very conservative approach and i look at the stadium and look at us building an arena on a pier and looking at a lot of different structures here in san francisco and i don't see the same level of rigor and when i look at new york, that has millions of people in the city, comparing to san francisco that where we have a million people in the city here in san francisco, so it's important to why when you scale it here to a terminal that is going to transit at the golden gate, at least for time being how to rises to some of the other buildings and structures we talk about. >> okay. let me try to address this as confidently as i can. first of all, as maria mentioned, when we were involved in the project about two years ago, we looked at the urs recommendations for security and they identified a broad range of what are considered rational and identifying threats by law enforcement and intelligence communities. these involve a series of events and many recommendations that have been
.m. near the intersection of 24th and bryant in san francisco's mission district. kpix 5's don knapp spoke with neighbors earlier tonight about the murder. >> reporter: family members, friends and neighbors gather on the streets of this house in bryant street to remember and mourn the death of a college student who was home on spring break. jacob vadlevedo were walking on the street when according to san francisco police a hispanic male got out of a vehicle and asked him if he were a gang member and then shot him. he was taken to a hospital where he died. the gunman fled. the friend was not injured. >> it's a tragedy. you know this neighborhood is changing a lot. it's -- definitely gentry fying but still you have pockets of violence here that are persist tent. >> reporter: in january, he ends the holidays and heads back to oregon saying san francisco, it's been real. see you in a couple of months. then last week, he sends -- finally done with my last class, break time. on his twitter page he writes -- i'm mischievous and i'm calculated. the violence that took his life leaves his father inc
. >> we're following another developing story out of san francisco's mission district. where a man was shot and killed. kron 4's alecia reid is there live tonight. alecia you say he was here visiting family during his college spring break? >> reporter: that is correct, vicki. this 19 year-old was here on the spring break. let me show you this rolling memorial. this is where he was shot. this has left an entirely family shaken. he was just a few steps away when he was tragically gunned down early this morning >> tragedy. and especially in front of his feet as he was going to go and. he had a lot of potential. >> this 19 year-old was a top scholar. as an honor student on a college student. he was walking home just a round 3:00 a.m. when a gray sedan pulled up. and they asked if he was in a gang. before he was able to speak they shot him. witnesses say that he was rushed downstairs and he was found lying on the stairs. his father helped him until he went to the hospital and died. one after another, they went inside and how could this have happened? these t-shirts were maimed and is be
and explaining how our model in san francisco is really one that the whole nation should be looking at and explain house the data from the national speck but the most important thing is you've done a tremendous job to humanize the day that we've heard. and i know we ail work together to backfill as much as he. thank you >> and lastly thank you inform the members of the hiv provider network and thank you for coming in my office the other day and talking about it. i think the fact we're a parish national city i want to thank you for coming and spending the time. we're going to work together and find a way through this >> thank you so if colleagues if there's no additional comments i move we continue the items of the chair. >> so moved. mr. clerk could you, please call items 2 and 3 together. >> item 2 to receive an update and focus year 2013 and fourteen. >> out of 4 thousand deficit the plan. >> thank you very much mr. clerk. i call these items a few weeks ago after our 6 week report came out but we are going to see some structural issues moving forward and i'm sure it's going
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